Our Companies

BLG Kardesler GmbH-Mannheim

The main headquarter in Europe on a 27,000 m² site, it also includes the European central warehouse of 15,000 m², of which 2,500 m² will be used as a cold store. The capacity of the warehouse is suitable for 20,000 pallets.

BLG Baklan Stuttgart

BLG Baklan Stuttgart Lebensmittel-Handelsgesellschaft mbH Stuttgart is the headquarter for our customers from southern Germany, France and Austria.With 25 employees and a warehouse of 6.000m²,

BAK Berlin GmbH

Mainly in the capital of Berlin, Hanover and Salzgitter and completely East Germany is looked after by our company BAK Berlin GmbH. The European countries Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovenia are also in the contracting area

BAK Köln GmbH

Our company BAK Köln GmbH is responsible for the North Rhine – Westphalia region with the headquarters in Neuss. With a storage area of 2,500 m²,we offer our customers, as in other regions, a broad product range.

BAK Frisch Kehl

Our company BAK Frisch GmbH specializes in meat and dairy products. Production and sales are handled by our headquarters in Kehl. The delivery of the products takes place with the cooperation of the company Nagel.

BAK Mannheim

Our branch in the Mannheim wholesale market has been continued as “BAK Mannheim Grossmarkt GmbH” in our corporate group since August 2015. In addition to meat and dairy products, our company offers fruit and vegetables.

BAK Finanz GmbH

Besides the food industry, our company BAK Finanz GmbH operates in finance. Insurance and finance are the areas of the company that are issued in the Mannheim headquarters.